Learning a language is a very enjoying task and it helps you in securing a job too. But since there are hundreds of languages, which one to learn is really a hard task to decide. There are many parameters on which you check a language and see if it fits for your purpose. Learning a foreign language can be helpful in abroad study, getting a lucrative job, immigration etc.

Russian is one such language which is very helpful in almost every aspect. There are many countries where Russian is spoken as a major language. You will be surprised to know that it is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Europe. It has more than 145 million speakers only in Russia. More than a million in countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. It is spoken at such a large rate that it’s the 8th most spoken tongues in the world. It is also the 6th official language of the United Nations organisations. Russian linguistic has been accelerating at a very past pace for the last few decades, as people are being more interested in Russian language and the Russian culture.

Learn Russian language with Linguapol

In India, the craze of Russian language is increasing at a very high rate. Getting job is the easiest with Russian language and its scope as a career pro language is very enormous and astonishing. It is among the top 3 language that Indians like to learn. It’s the highly beneficial language to learn in India. Learning Russian can make your life easier by giving you vast professional opportunities. It can easily provide you with a good job option in many countries as more than 300 million people speak this language worldwide. Even in United States, there are more than 80000 people who speak Russian and this language is also very similar to other languages such as Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, etc.

Scope of the Russian language in India:-

The Russian language has a very wide scope in India. As Russian and Indian firms are collaborating more and more for business and other purposes and Indian government has also started many new projects of metro and industrial infrastructure, there is a huge amount of workforce needed for it and in near future many private and government vacancies are going to be available for the job options. Beside business and industrial work, there is an increasing culture exchange taking place between both countries as India and Russia have been good friends for a very long time. Even the medical field in Russia needs people who can understand Russian and Indian language because Indian medical students keep Russia as their first preference for degree in medical fields. The Indian companies are signing agreements with Russian firms and together working on technology and literature, medicines, etc., so it provides a great opportunity to people who have learned the Russian language.

Jobs after learning Russian language in India:-

The ability to speak Russian offer numerous job options in the field of technology, medicines, oil industry, gas industry, the defence industry. Apart from these things, the education system of Russia is very good and cheap therefore many Indian student go there to take degree in medical field or science and technology so in that case, the need for a teacher who knows Russian as well as Indian languages is very high and it provides a good opportunity to be a teacher there with a handsome salary. The foreign ministry also provides for many posts of translator and you can also work in the Indian embassy in Russia as well as the Russian embassy in India too.

The government of India has started many collaborations with Russian government and therefor it needs a workforce who can understand Russian well. It is also a fact that Russians don’t use the English language much so it’s really hard to communicate with them and therefore there is always a great need of people who can speak and understand Russian. It has a rising requirement in fields of various sectors like finance, information technology, technical support etc. you can also try to do freelancing, translator or linguistic guide tour.

Learn Russian language in India

In India, the demand for Russian linguistic services has increased at an unparalleled rate. There is no denying the jaw-dropping and astounding range of the Russian language as a professional language. As a result, those who are willing to adopt the language can benefit from the employment chances in the business world. They should take advantage of this opportunity to learn the language and advance their careers.

We at linguapol employ a handful of the few certified instructors who excel at assisting trainees or students in learning the Russian language at all levels, from beginner to advance.
We will assist you at every stage of your learning and will make your learning process very easier and enjoying.

So if you want to make your career reach new heights and you dream of a good job with handsome salary or you want to study in Russia and don’t want to face trouble there, then linguapol is the one stop solution for you all.

Is learning Russian worth it?

Learning at least one foreign language is a requirement for anyone who wants to advance in today’s society, whether it be for social, professional, or personal reasons. Mastering a language other than your native tongue requires learning and practise.

Future and present opportunities abound for anyone who choose to study Russian in India. Because every field has a space for you if you learn this language. Be it business or education. Seeing its increasing scope and the number of countries where it is spoken shows that you will never regret learning it.


1. Who should join the Russian language course in India?

• Everyone who wants to learn a foreign language which will help him in having a good salary or has a hobby to learn a foreign language or wants to get a degree from Russia, is a traveling enthusiast, loves the literature and culture of Russia can join it.

2. What is unique about the Russian language?

• It is the language that dominates the geographical region of Eurasia the most. All Slavic languages aside, it is the most widely spoken and most important ethnic tongue in Europe.

• In addition to the 144 million speakers in Russia, it is also spoken by millions of people in Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, and other former Soviet states. Being one of the SIX official languages of the United Nations, it is the eighth most spoken language in the world (UNO).

3. Is Russian the hardest language to speak?

• Every foreign language seems hard to learn when you start learning it, but it depends on your will to learn the language. Russian is considered as a hard language but it has so many professional opportunities that learning it is worth it.

4. What is the best way to learn Russian?

• The best way is to join classes at either high institutions or you can join tutor classes to save your time. Linguapol provides you a good opportunity to learn Russian language with experts on your side and it also saves your time. Learning Russian by joining linguapol is worth of your time and it will boost your career without giving you much stress of learning.

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