We are an institute built on intention and trust. A person who enrolls in our institute not only comes out with mere words that they can speak in a foreign language but there are visible changes in their personality. 

Presenting… five reasons why you should choose LinguaPol!

  • We revolutionize the process of learning every day. We grow with more and more experience and constantly strive towards updating our methodologies of teaching. 

In our holistic methods of teaching, you will learn…

  • How to work with languages in depth
  • How to effectively communicate 
  • How to construct your language so that it leaves a deep impact on the listener
  • How to confidently use language to crack interviews and deals
  • How to impress natives in their own language 
  • How to strive in a multilingual culture of MNC’s and the internet 
  • How to use language to build connections and kick start a lucrative career
  • We constantly gamify our process of teaching and learning. If grammar gives you nightmares, we have designed multiple games for your in the class where you will become an expert in grammar without even knowing how and when. 
  • We believe in internalizing the language to really learn it. We persistently focus on classroom interaction and tapping on your natural curiosity to learn. This builds your confidence and you feel like you already know it all. You start finding words for everyday use in the new language you are learning, and you make it an integral part of your life. You basically learn it yourself!
  • Rather than focusing on perfection, we focus on confidence. Let me explain that to you! Student A is a perfectionist and struggles to find the correct words to form a grammatically correct sentence in a presentation while Student B just focuses on the point to be communicated and is able to speak out the sentence even in broken grammar. As a result, student B cracks the presentation while student A remains in the dilemma of choosing the right words. Our role here is to build your confidence to the level that you become an effective communicator who owns the language and always gets his point communicated. 
  • We understand that every individual has different needs and different process of learning. We always inculcate patience and understanding in the teaching process. We spend time with each student and understand their own way of learning. We make sure that every single student is on the same page in every single class. 

So, don’t just wait here and watch. Be the protagonist of your career today. Act and take control of your graph. Join our course today!

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