Spanish trainer

Sanjay Verma

Spanish Language Trainer

Executive Summary – Sanjay Verma

Sanjay verma is a Spanish language trainer with experience of more than 4 years of teaching the language. He has a variable experience in language training, corporate training, translation, and interpretation. He has also worked in the corporate sector and has major experience in the
corporate world.

Training Expertise

Sanjay specializes in an alternative way of teaching languages that involves interaction, activities, engagement, and expression. He conducts regular speaking sessions and mock interviews to ensure the growth of the student toward job-oriented learning. He also pays individual attention to students to make them aware of their scope of improvement wherever it is required


Sanjay has completed his Advanced Diploma in Spanish along with a major certification in Spanish of AIL Madrid (Spanish Language School Madrid Spain). He has worked with corporate giants as well and has experience in corporate for 6 years.

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