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I hope you are familiar with the wide region of spoken Spanish Language. More than 595 Million Spanish Language Speakers. It is the official language in 21 countries. You can easily figure out the scope of that language that have such huge amount of speakers. Spain is famous for their Beaches and they have a large number of Multinational companies. These are the main reason to make your career using the Spanish Language.

This is shows why choose Linguapol for Spanish Language Course Online. We have best Spanish Language Classes.

Just give a new shape to your career, learn the Spanish Language. Just chill! enroll in Linguapol Spanish Language Course Online and Learn the language from your home. Our Spanish Language course online mode course opens unlocks the beauty and richness of one of the most fascinating language. Join our course and begin a journey of language acquisition,  cultural exploration and personal growth.


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    Why Choose Our Spanish Language Course?

    1)-Passionate and Dedicated Instructors- Our team has highly skilled and passionate Spanish language instructors. They are highly committed to your success. With their extensive experience and expertise, they will guide you on your language-learning journey. They will be providing personalized attention and expert guidance. Our instructors are dedicated to creating an engaging and supportive learning environment. Also ensuring that you make rapid progress and achieve fluency in Spanish.

    2)-Interactive and Immersive Lessons- Learning a language should be exciting and interactive. We have designed this course in such a way, it is very exciting and enjoyable. Our dynamic and immersive lessons are carefully designed to fascinate your interest and accelerate your learning. Through engaging multimedia resources, authentic materials, and interactive exercises, you shall master essential vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Immerse yourself in real-life conversations, cultural insights, and practical scenarios that will empower you to communicate confidently in Spanish.

    3)-Flexible and Convenient Online Learning- We understand the demands of a busy lifestyle. That’s why our online Spanish language course offers flexibility and convenience. Access your course materials from anywhere, at any time, using our user-friendly online platform. Easy to fit your studies into your schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’re a working professional, a student, or a traveler. Learn at your own pace and make progress on your terms, while still receiving support from our dedicated instructors.

    4)-Cultural Enrichment- Language and culture are interrelated. Our Spanish language course provides language and vocabulary knowledge and offers a profound cultural immersion experience. Explore the rich tapestry of Spanish culture, and explore its history, literature, art, music, and traditions. Gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish way of life and develop cross-cultural skills. Our course nurtures your appreciation for the beauty of Spanish culture, enhancing your language-learning journey and broadening your horizons.

    5)-Vibrant Learning Community- Learning is more enjoyable and effective when you’re part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Connect with fellow language enthusiasts, practice your Spanish language skills, and engage in meaningful discussions. Our online community provides a platform for collaboration, support, and cultural exchange. Benefit from peer feedback, share your progress, and celebrate milestones together. Together, we’ll inspire and motivate each other to achieve fluency in Spanish.

    This is shows why choose Linguapol for Spanish Language Course Online. We have best Spanish Language Classes.

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    Learn Spanish Language Step By Step With Linguapol

    Linguapol, A premium institute for learning languages, A premium institute for learning languages, offers spanish language courses for all levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Batches are available for both weekdays and weekends.

    10+ TRAINERS, 1000+ Students Taught, Global Learning Environment

    In this course, you’ll learn:

    – How to learn Spanish easily and effectively;

    – The Spanish alphabet and how to read Spanish;

    – Spanish pronunciation exercises;

    – Spanish  grammar made easy;

    – How to speak Spanish like a native.


    The best part of Linguapol is its completely different way of teaching. We only feel like we are having fun in the class but meanwhile we are also learning a completely new language! I am currently pursuing my graduation and looking forward to get a job as a language expert.
    Mansi Yadav
    I am currently pursuing A1 level in Portuguese from Linguapol. The classes are so much fun. I love the unique methods of teaching and interesting discussions we have in the class.
    Navya Phulara
    I recently started working in Amazon as a Language Expert. It has always been my dream company to work with. I could not have done this without the constant guidance and assistance of Linguapol and my Portuguese teacher.
    I am in my second year of graduation. I always wanted to add new skills so I started experimenting with foreign languages. Once I joined Linguapol, I developed so much interest in the industry of foreign languages that now I want to build a career in this field only.
    Nikita Pandey

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    Enroll in our online Spanish language course and open the door to endless possibilities. Be fluent in one of the world’s most spoken languages, connect with Spanish-speaking communities around the globe, and start a journey of personal growth and cultural enrichment.

    Following are the courses offered in Spanish by Linguapol –

    The A2 level in Spanish takes you deeper into the Spanish Grammar – introducing you the different tenses used in Spanish. You will now be able to use articles, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, etc and form and understand complex sentences in Spanish. You will also get ample exercises on translation from Spanish to English and vice versa. By the end of this level, you will be able to lead a basic conversation in Spanish with any native speaker.

    (You should have completed A1 level or equivalent in Spanish from a reputed institution to be eligible for this course by Linguapol)

    For further queries, contact us.

    In this level, you will be further familiarized with complex grammar in Spanish. You will now be able to form and understand sentences in the subjunctive and imperative tenses. You will also gain experience in speaking with native Spanish speakers and participate in discussions. You will also be introduced to the professional use of the language in business settings.

    (You should have completed A2 level or equivalent in Spanish from a reputed institution to be eligible for this course by Linguapol)

    For further queries, contact us.

    This is the minimum requirement to apply for a job in Spanish. The focus of this level will completely to groom you up in the language, help you with interviews and professional conversations and gain confidence in the language. By the end of this level, you will gain the confidence to crack any interview in Spanish, be able to lead business conversations in Spanish with native people, draft emails and also understand the slangs and nuances of the native speakers.

    (You should have completed B1 level or equivalent in Spanish from a reputed institution to be eligible for this course by Linguapol)

    You will always be eligible for Linguapol’s lifetime 100% assistance in placement once you finish this course of B2 in Spanish.

    Further courses of C1 and C2 also exist in Spanish for those who want to pursue advance levels in the language.

    For further queries contact us.

    DELE (The Diplomas de Español Como Lengua Extranjera) and SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) are two internationally recognized Spanish proficiency exams. We at Linguapol guide you to score your best in these exams in case you have a requirement.

    For further queries contact us.

    Spanish for Professionals

    The program is designed for professionals/working professionals who are interested in pursuing a career. This program is highly flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

    Spanish for Kids

    It is a fun and easy way for kids to learn the basics of Spanish by listening to funny stories and songs, reading simple dialogues, playing interactive games, and having fun with new friends.

    Spanish For Diplomats

    It is designed for the employees of diplomatic missions, embassies, and consulates. The goal of the program is to provide them from basic to advance level knowledge.

    Training Options

    Choose your own comfortable learning experience.

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