Foreign Language in Schools

Learning a foreign language in school builds a monetizable skill in students. This will equip a student to already gain a skill while in school that is in high demand in the job market.

Linguapol organises special sessions for school children to introduce them to the world of foreign languages. It has been noted on many occasions that school children take special interest in learning a new language. They are also the ones who learn very easily and quite fast as compared to adults learning a foreign language.

Linguapol provides customized classes for children where the focus remains more on audio-visual, animated and fun-filled content then textbook grammar. This helps the children to remain excited for their classes and learn a skill quickly.

Linguapol brings you –

  • Customized Syllabus for Children
  • Fun-filled and Interactive Classes
  • Audio-Visual Study Materials
  • Fun Quiz and Competitive Exercises
  • Story-telling Methods of Teaching

Job Assistance & Placement

Linguapol gives you free lifetime assistance in job search, interviews and placement. At Linguapol, we believe in a kind of education that can earn you money. After you have finished your course from Linguapol, we will provide you 100 % assistance on placement. You will also go through a lot of mock interviews and gain confidence in cracking any interview and getting your dream job.

Our expert language teachers put special emphasis on building confidence in students and paying individual attention where necessary to make you ready for your corporate ventures. The student is also encouraged to lead conversations with native speakers and participate in mock corporate environments created by the institute for its students. This helps build confidence and comfort in using a foreign language in business settings.

We provide leads for placement through internal reference tool of big companies like Amazon, Accenture, Wipro, Concentrix, etc. We describe to the student the kind of roles that a particular company expects so that the job environment is something that the student is already familiar with.

Linguapol proudly presents its four pillars –

  • Mock Interviews
  • Conversation with Native Speakers
  • Individual Guidance
  • Business Vocabulary

Spoken English

No matter which foreign language you are learning, a good command over the English language always creates a good impression in the corporate. This is why we put enough focus on building up the English communication skills of a student simultaneously while learning a foreign language. Our teachers pay extra attention to those who require it and we also conduct separate Spoken English classes for those who need it. Our English grooming sessions include –

  • Speaking sessions
  • Listening skills
  • Customized assignments
  • Unlimited test materials
  • Audio-visual aided learning

Corporate Training

We have often noticed that students get placed in good companies but when they enter the corporate for the first time, they are unable to cope up with the new kinds of expectation around them. To bridge this gap, we decided to introduce a few skills to our students before they get placed in reputed organizations –

  • Using Language in Specific Corporate Roles
  • Developing Translation Skills
  • Drafting Emails and Preparing Presentations
  • Effective Communication

Soft Skills

Linguapol also aims at building soft skills in a person which is extremely needed in a job candidate. Skills like leadership, confidence, office etiquettes, public speaking, etc. is something that you don’t have to learn elsewhere. These are some of the skills that are silently judged in an interview and a student will be well-equipped with these schools if they are a pass-out of Linguapol.

We train our students in the following qualities along with our language courses –

  • Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Problem-solving and Prioritizing Tasks
  • Presentation Skills