Russian Language Course For Beginners

Learn Russian From Basics To Advance!

Start Your Russian Language Journey with Linguapol. Our Russian Language Course For Beginners is from Basics To Advance. Taught by professional teachers and get certified after course.

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The Russian Language is from the East Slavic Group of Languages. After the Russian Revolution, this language became easier.

Russian is the Eighth among most spoken languages. In current time there are more than 260 million native speakers and other normal 120 million speakers.

it is official language in 4 countries- Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Abkhazia and Russia.

Why Learn Russian Language?

There are many best reasons to learn Russian Language:

  1. Eighth most spoken language.
  2. Fantastic education system in Russia.
  3. Best place to grab a job.
  4. Great economy and high amount of crude oil and minerals.
  5. Very Easy Language.
  6. Developed country.
  7. Great country in terms of science and technology.
  8. Great place to travel
  9. Their beautiful culture.
  10. To obtain a research opportunity.


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    Linguapol:-  Linguapol is one of the best language institutes in India. We have taught more than 1000 students in Russian language course for beginners. Our teachers are very friendly and the environment is so motivating that you will learn the Russian language in fun.

    Are you ready to learn Russian Language? Are you beginner? Don’t worry we are here! Our Russian Language Course for Beginners is well-designed for you. Just enroll and explore the beautiful world of the Russian Language.

    Whether you want to explore the culture of Russia, travel to Russia or increase your skill. This course is well-designed for you. This will provide you all steps, step by step. 

    Russian Language is First Choice

    Russia is one of the developed countries. Russia is known for their great education system, research and technologies. Russia is highly reputed in terms of space and defence technology.

    • Commonly Spoken: Russia is the biggest country in the terms of area. This is the commonly used language in many European countries. 
    • Need In Government: Now Every country want to contact and communicate with Russia so now every government has asked more Russian speakers.
    • Greatest In Science & Technology:   In terms of science and technology Russia is excellent and growing daily. So it is very useful for you to learn Russian language.

    Regularly increasing demand for Russian speakers in oil, technology, science and multinational companies. You can easily get a job as a translator by knowing only Russian and English Language.

    Reasons To Choose us

    1. Passionate Instructors- Linguapol has a team of Russian language teachers they love to teach Russian Language to beginners. They have a high skill and very enthusiastic to teach. Their first priority to make you succeed in learning Russian. They have a great experience and ocean of knowledge in Russian language. They are very well known to teach in Russian language course for beginners. They know very well what is good for you. They not only teach the language although they make the learning interesting and helpful. they are dedicated to make sure you learn quickly and become fluent in Russian.
    2. One-To-One Attention- Our instructors provide special attention to every students. They will guide you specially in your language learning journey. They will help you personally and will give you expert advice for you. Their most important point to make sure you are understanding and learning properly. Instructors of Linguapol work hard to create a funny and supportive environment. This help you to learn fast. They shall regularly track your growth and make sure you make fast progress and become really good at Russian. 
    3. Exciting and Funny Lessons- Our believe that learning a new language should be interactive journey. Our courses are designed such that just not to be informative but also funny and enjoyable. Our course lessons are very dynamic and immersive, crafted to keep your learning journey energetic and accelerated. We have made this course using many multimedia resources , real-life materials and exciting exercises. Although this is designed for beginners you shall become master in essential vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation or Russian Language.
    4. Designed For Real-Life-Russian Language course for beginners is not just for basics learning. Our aim is to immerse you in the language, make you capable in real-life conversations, gain cultural values and learn practical scenes. These all approach allows you to communicate confidently in Russian. With these all, learning becomes an enjoyable adventure, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress.
    5. Convenient and Flexible Online Learning- We consider about your busy life. It is very hard to fit a language course in your busy schedule. But don’t worry our Russian Language course for beginners is designed to be flexible and convenient for you. You can access all your course materials from anywhere at any time, using our easy-to-use online platform. This means you can fit your language course in your daily life easily. Whether you are a working professional, a student, or someone who loves to travel, our course is built to sui your lifestyle.
    6. Best Support- Best part of our courses is that you can learn at your own speed. You can make your progress in your own way and our dedicated teachers will be there to support you at every step of the way. So, you get control on your course learning and still have the guidance you need to succeed.
    7. Cultural Enrichment- Learning a language means dive in their culture. Our Russian Language Course for beginners offers you more than vocabulary. Our course is designed just not to teach a language but also immerse you in culture of Russia. This is the doorway to new world. As you visit Russia you will love to explore their history, art and literature. Our Russian Language course for beginners is designed to provide a brief understanding of Russian culture and develop cross-cultural skills. Its just like a personal guide for you.
    8. Vibrant Learning Community-Learning a new language become more effective when you are part of a vibrant communityof likely minded persons. Our Russian Language Course offers you to connect, practice and learn with like minded. Our group environment makes your language learning more exciting. In this community you can share your progress and celebrate milestones together. We are not only to teach you but also inspire and motivate to achieve fluency in Russian. This makes your journey more enjoyable, fulfilling and successful.

    Teaching Method At Linguapol

    At Linguapol we have pride on our innovative teaching method. We create immersive and innovative methods to teach such that students love to study. Our teaching method is mainly based on practical basis. 

    Interactive Design:- Our course get updated regularly and we prefer do and learn methodology. Students learn actively when they are engaged and involved in class activities. Our experienced teachers conduct activities, discussions and group projects so students can be involved in learning.

    Immersion and Real-Life Experience:- We use real-life conditions to teach. In our Russian Language Course for beginners, we create situations which you can face in everyday life. Some examples are ordering food at restaurant, booking accommodation or conversation with native speakers. These all real-life practices help you to gain confidence and you can easily communicate in Russian.

    Our Students are Placed in