Learning a foreign language in school builds a monetizable skill in students. This will equip a student to already gain a skill while in school that is in high demand in the job market.

Linguapol organises special sessions for school children to introduce them to the world of foreign languages. It has been noted on many occasions that school children take special interest in learning a new language. They are also the ones who learn very easily and quite fast as compared to adults learning a foreign language.

Linguapol provides customized classes for children where the focus remains more on audio-visual, animated and fun-filled content then textbook grammar. This helps the children to remain excited for their classes and learn a skill quickly.

Linguapol brings you –

  • Customized Syllabus for Children
  • Fun-filled and Interactive Classes
  • Audio-Visual Study Materials
  • Fun Quiz and Competitive Exercises
  • Story-telling Methods of Teaching

Our Students are Placed in