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    • Full exposure to Russian culture, lifestyle, religion and festivals.
    • Focused training for oral, written and official work knowledge.
    • Easy methods to learn world’s top most known  language.
    • Full exposure to Russian grammar in form of written and oral forms.
    • Well mixing of oral assessment (60%) and written sessions (40%) to get best results.

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    Each course is divided into specific learning levels. We teach up to C1 in German. Don’t know your German level?

    What Our student Says

    Mansi Yadav

    The best part of Linguapol is its completely different way of teaching. We only feel like we are having fun in the class but meanwhile we are also learning a completely new language! I am currently pursuing my graduation and looking forward to get a job as a language expert.


    I recently started working in Amazon as a Language Expert. It has always been my dream company to work with. I could not have done this without the constant guidance and assistance of Linguapol and my Portuguese teacher.

    Satyam Kumar

    I am a final year student. I am learning Portuguese for better job opportunities. I have tried other institutes as well but nothing felt as easy as learning a foreign language at Linguapol.

    Kavya Mishra

    I am learning Portuguese with Linguapol. I love the classes and I am able to learn a foreign language easily along with my studies. I am always excited for my Portuguese lessons.


    I have learned Portuguese from other institute as well but I could not gain confidence in the language. After joining Linguapol, my confidence has increased. Our teacher is so frank, supportive and always encouraging us to use the language. Thanks to Linguapol for such a cool environment.

    Navya Phulara

    I am currently pursuing A1 level in Portuguese from Linguapol. The classes are so much fun. I love the unique methods of teaching and interesting discussions we have in the class.

    Arun Kumar

    I had started to learn Portuguese at Linguapol from 2020 and I just got placed in a reputed MNC as a Portuguese Language Expert. I have been very satisfied with my job. Thanks to the amazing teachers of Linguapol and constant guidance on placement!

    Monika Pandey

    I cracked a job in Portuguese in my first interview itself. Now I am working with reputed firm, drawing high salary and working from home. This is almost a dream come true! The credit goes to Linguapol for the right guidance at the right time. Thank you

    Nikita Pandey

    I am in my second year of graduation. I always wanted to add new skills so I started experimenting with foreign languages. Once I joined Linguapol, I developed so much interest in the industry of foreign languages that now I want to build a career in this field only.

    Anjali Dalai

    I started learning Portuguese while already working with Accenture. The classes at Linguapol are so easy to understand that I did not have to put much effort to understand and use a foreign language. I am now looking for better opportunities using my language certification

    Pradeep Negi

    I am learning Spanish from Linguapol because of the requirement in my current project. So far, the experience has been great. I learned a lot of vocabulary very fast. Our teacher focuses on the practical use of language which is very helpful.

    Chadrasekhar Pandey

    When I started learning Portuguese in Linguapol I was very scare to speak in class. My English was not good. But after 1 year of class I have learned a foreign language and my English also improved. Linguapol gives me confidence.


    Different German online courses are available on levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Our free online placement test will determine which level is right for you.
    To take part in a German online course at level A1, you do not need any prior knowledge of German. For a German online course at level A2, you need level A1 German skills. For a German online course at level B1, you need level A2 German skills. For a German online course at level B2, you need level B1 German skills. For a German online course at level C1, you need level B2 German skills. For a German online course at level C2, you need level C1 German skills.
    A German online course lasts between 1 and 6 months, depending on which German online course you choose to learn German with.
    To learn German with one of our German online courses, you need a PC, a laptop or a tablet with an Internet connection and the latest version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Apple Safari, an email address and, a headset with a microphone.

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