Portuguese (Brazilian)





Portuguese is the 6 th most spoken language in the world. Most of its importance arises due to it being
the native language of Brazil- the 9th largest economy in the world. The ever-booming economy of Brazil
and its outsourcing industry promises a huge career opportunity for people learning Portuguese in India.
Although the origin of Portuguese language traces back to Portugal, Europe but Brazilian Portuguese is
the most abundantly studied variant of the language. The two outstanding reasons to learn the language
is for its incredible richness and expanding job opportunities.
In an extremely globalized world, many companies are doing business with Latin American countries
where the growth rate is much faster than more developed countries like the UK or US.
Besides Brazil, Portuguese is the official language of 10 other countries as well and spoken as a native
language by over 270 million people all over the world.
If you are considering learning a new language, go for an off-beat and more challenging one that is


Over 400 million people all over the world speak Spanish as their first language. It is the official language
of 20 countries.
It is one of the easiest European languages to learn. Spanish is often known as the gateway to learning
foreign languages. If you already speak English, Spanish is a cakewalk to learn with a little bit of effort.
Also, if you speak Portuguese, you can almost understand and communicate in Spanish as well. These
two languages overlap each other by 80%.
With the huge number of native speakers of Spanish and leading economies, Spanish is one of the most
sought-after skills in international market. Learning Spanish can be competitive because many people
are already learning it but the market is always in demand for more.
Apart from lucrative job opportunities, knowing Spanish can always lead you to watch some of the
blockbuster movies and TV series like Money Heist (La Casa de Papel).


English is a must when it comes to communication these days. If you want to land a decent job – of any
kind – you need to be able to communicate in English. Having a good command over the English
language and being able to speak it with confidence can instantly boost your image in front of the
No matter what foreign language you are learning, you always need good English to compliment it with.
It goes the other way round as well – If your English is strong, it will be very easy for you to learn any
other language.

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