Good Morning in Portuguese

Are you planning to visit a Portuguese-speaking country? It’s time to brush up on your greetings. Here are ten different ways to say hello in Portuguese!

Dictionary English – Portuguese

“Bom Dia

  • Good morning — Bom dia! This greeting is widely used from about 5:30 a.m. to noon or 1 p.m. If you are in Brazil, say “bom GEE-a;” if you are in Portugal, say “bom DEE-a”
  • Good afternoon in Portuguese – Boa tarde! – Boa tarde is a greeting used in the afternoon; it is also a translation of good afternoon. It is pronounced “boa TAHR-g” in Brazilian Portuguese and “boa TAHR-d” in European Portuguese.
  • Good night in Portuguese – Boa noite! – The Portuguese language does not distinguish between evening and night. Thus, “goodnight” and “good evening” have the exact translation in Portuguese. In Brazil, you will say “boa noite”; in Portugal, you will say “boa noite.”

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