Foreign language courses in India have been gaining popularity in recent years, with more and more people realizing the benefits of learning a second language. There are a variety of reasons why someone might want to take a foreign language course in India, whether it be for business, travel, or simply personal enrichment.

There are a number of different foreign language courses available in India, depending on what language you want to learn. Some of the most popular languages to learn include Spanish, French, and Russian etc.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to learn a foreign language, there are a number of different options available to you in India. With so many different courses to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

What is a foreign language?

A foreign language is a language that is usually not spoken in a country. It is neither the official language of that country nor is often spoken. The native citizens of that country need to learn it either by taking any foreign course or by any tutor or in the school itself.

Types of foreign language courses in India

Full-time Degree Programs in Universities

It involves a full-time study of a foreign language at any college or university. It will play a major role in allowing you to focus extensively on the academic work of your language without facing any interruptions in career perspective. The following are the full time degrees that a student can enrol in: Undergraduate, postgraduate, M. Phil and PHD. Admission is generally through entrance exams or cut off marks. Full time language courses helps you learning and understanding a language in a much better way because students of full time degree programs take more units per semester than the students who pursue part time degree programs or certificate courses.

Part Time Degree Programs in Universities

Part time degree programs allow a student to learn a foreign language while pursuing a major degree in another subject. Examples of part time language courses in India are certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas. Part time degrees are offered by many colleges and universities and apart from job opportunities, many people take up this course in order to improve their communication skills and to pursue their hobby.

Private Institutes

India has many private language study institutes that teach foreign languages to students. One such private institute is Jawaharlal Nehru Academy which is also India’s one of the oldest language institutes. It is situated in Delhi and conducts many foreign language courses namely French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, etc. Students get to choose the time period of their course which can vary from 3 months to 3 years. The fees also vary. But the only drawback of degree from private institutes is that it might not hold the same weightage as that of a degree that an individual earns from a university.

Online courses

This program is best for an individual who cannot take out time for pursuing an offline course for a foreign language. The biggest perk of an online course is that a person can take their lessons at any time and from any place. It can save a lot of time of any individual. You only need a smart device with an active internet connection.

Top Foreign Language Courses in India

Generally, the top foreign language course depends on the need of a particular candidate but the most prestigious degree of all is a full time degree because it makes an individual learn a foreign language with full accuracy. Also, the degree is valid for life and it has the most value. But in case you are an employed person or a person who is enrolled in another full time majors degree, part time degree, private institutions or an online course is the best option for you. It will allow you to manage your job and study together and will also help you multitask.

Top reasons to go for foreign language courses in India

There can be multiple reasons to go for a foreign language courses but here are some of the reasons why you should go for a course:

Job Opportunities

Learning a new language course can open multiple gates of employment for an individual. The ranges of jobs can vary from being a tutor, to being a government employee to being at a top position in any MNC. There can be different sectors and different roles.


If you love exploring different countries and don’t want to spend your money on a translator, or simply do not want to face difficulties in communication, you should definitely go for a language course.

Top up your resume game

A foreign language is a very desired skill set in corporates. Learning languages will improve your resume as it will be an additional skill and who wouldn’t want to recruit a person who has different sets of skill.

To learn about the culture

A language is a very important part of any country’s culture. The best way to learn about any country’s culture is to learn its native language. Language and culture of a country goes hand in hand. Also, if you want to interact with native people of a country to understand and experience their culture, you should understand their native language. Hence, if you are a culture enthusiast, you should definitely go for a language course.

For business purposes

With the era of globalisation, you can do business with anyone and anywhere in the world. In such a case, why would you want to miss a chance of having clients or vendors from different countries of the world. You will be able to find and interact with your clients more easily. Apart from that, you will also be able to expand your business. If you are planning to start a start-up that can be expanded to different countries, the language course is for you.

Scope (India and abroad)

There must be an abundance of experts who can get beyond language hurdles and promote easy communication for proper business transactions as Indian firms become more and more global. Experts in foreign languages who have a solid grasp of different cultures are in high demand in the business sector. The career potential for those who speak a foreign language is enormous, and there are several work chances in numerous global corporations and multilateral organizations for those who are interested in exploring it. Furthermore, the majority of occupations consider language proficiency to be a crucial qualification for progress. Now, have a look at some of the top opportunities where these courses can come in handy:

  1. Expansion of businesses and entrepreneurship– extra income hurts no one. Being efficient in any foreign language can promote business overseas.
  2. Foreign civil service officer– one can be a part of a diplomatic mission led by the government.
  3. Professional translator or writer– everyone dreams to take a world tour once in their lives. This profession gives an opportunity to go around the world and explore various lifestyles.
  4. Flight attendant with foreign airlines– another way to live the life you dreamt. Touring around the globe, mesmerized by the luxury of experience.
  5. Field researcher– If you are a budding researcher and want to gain experience outside your native soil, being able to communicate with the local people is a must.


A foreign language course is the need of the hour. One can benefit from learning various foreign languages to be a part of this globalized world. It not only promotes job opportunities but also plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the personality. So why have doubts about your future when you can easily learn a foreign language and be the captain of your life.


Q.1. Why is it Important to Learn a Foreign Language? 

Ans. Learning a foreign language helps you grab different opportunities because this skill set is the need of the hour.

Q.2. Which is the best foreign language to learn in India?

Ans. The best foreign languages to learn in India are French, Spanish and Japanese.

Q.3. What are the best ways to learn a foreign language?

Ans. Depends on your own requirement. If you want to pursue a full time course, you can go for one. If you already have prior professional commitments, a part time course or an online course is the best option for you.

Q.4. Is there any scope of career in foreign languages?

Ans. Yes, there are multiple scopes in career in foreign languages.

Q.5. Can I learn foreign language at home?

Ans. Yes, you absolutely can. An online course will be the best option for you in this case.

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