Linguapol is a one-stop destination for learning foreign languages. We specialise in teaching a language, grooming the student for the interviews, arranging placement with the corporate giants like Amazon, IBM, Wipro, etc, clearing international foreign language examinations like IELTS, SIELE, CELPE-BRAS, etc. 

We have a team of experienced young teachers who are versatile in their fields and understand the learning requirements of the youth. We are here to deliver the results while you have fun and learn a new language with us!

Our Methodology 

Learn While Having Fun

We have our own innovative methods of teaching a foreign language. We have developed these new-age methods through psychological research. We have studied the different methods of teaching and learning a foreign language and on the basis of the available statistics, we have developed a methodology that aids the students to immerse themselves in the foreign language and learn it as easily as a baby learns its mother tongue.  

  • Result-oriented methods of teaching. 
  • Gamifying the foreign language and making it easier so that our students enjoy the process. 
  • Constant interactions with teachers and fellow students in foreign language right from the 1st class. 
  • Audio-visual exercises. 
  • Story-telling, enacting and fun activities to keep the students engaged. 
  • Plenty of exercises after each new lesson.
  • Interview-preparation and mock interviews.
  • Business-oriented methods of teaching according to the industry requirement. 
  • Interaction with native teachers. 

Our Mission 

To Bridge the Gap 

We want to introduce foreign languages as an alternate career option to the youth. We intend to bridge the gap between demand of foreign language resources in the corporate world and the less supply of expert candidates in the respective foreign languages. 

We want to tell the world that getting a job in your dream company is not a far cup of tea. It is easy, lucrative and enjoyable!

Alternate Education 

Learning a foreign language always adds to your current skill set. You could be a student or a working professional, learning a foreign language will always open new international opportunities for you. Vocational courses in any foreign language can be added to your current education. 

Learning a foreign language also facilitates higher education abroad in countries that speak the respective language. It also makes you even more eligible to get a work permit, permanent residence, etc. 

International Business

India is a country where the population is multilingual by birth. Hence, Indians actually find it easier to learn a new language compared to the population of countries which speak only one language. Due to this huge advantage, it is quite easy to educate the Indian youth in various foreign languages. 

The youth learning different foreign languages means more business opportunities with foreign countries. A person who speaks the native language of another country will be more adept in cracking a business deal with that specific country. This will augment the trade potential of India in the international market. 

International Standard

Learning a foreign language not only means that you are learning the language but you are also familiarised with the culture, festivals, music, movies, literature, etc of the foreign countries that speak the particular language. 

This means more interaction with people from all over the world which will actually expose our youth to an international standard of education and culture. This will make the youth more tolerant, diverse in their perspective and multi-dimensional in their intellect. 

Our Students are Placed in