7 Reasons why you should learn a Foreign Language now!

Today, the market revolves around outsourcing. Of 195 countries, India hosts 55% of the global
outsourcing. This market is in ever-growing demand for professionals who can communicate in different
languages. There was never a better time to learn a new foreign language and make it your USP (Unique
Selling Point).

How language will take you ten steps ahead in the competition

 According to research, many companies are expanding their business into the Latin American
countries where the rate of growth is much higher than most developed countries like the US or
UK. This creates a high demand for professionals that can communicate in the Latin American
languages – Spanish and Portuguese.
 Learning a foreign language enhances your levels of comprehension and communication, which
are two basic skills highly needed in today’s market. Also, learning one foreign language always
makes it easier to learn more languages thus adding to the number of skills you have as a
 Being able to understand and communicate in multiple languages gives you an advantage to
hook clients from different parts of the world. For example, if you speak Portuguese then the
Brazilian people whose native language is Portuguese will be willing to trust you more and you
will be a valuable resource for your company.
 People who speak multiple languages become naturally good at prioritizing tasks, problem-
solving, multi-tasking, reasoning and a better understanding of what people want. These will
make you an advanced professional and also help with your personal growth.

Learning a language can also be a skill outside of your professional life

 It can always be useful to speak the local language when you are travelling to a new country.
Take Spanish for example, as many as 20 countries have Spanish as their official language.
 Learning a new language is not only limited to learning the language itself but also the culture of
all the different parts of the world where it is spoken. It is almost like living in a new place and
imbibing its culture.
 Making friends across international borders will never feel easier! Who doesn’t like to have cool
friends from all different countries!

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